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Renaud Gingras Debien

On a demandé à notre ancien stagiaire en relations publiques et créateur de nos capsules vidéos « artiste-entrepreneur » d’être le bénévole AARTEN à découvrir…  Il a soit :

  1. Pas compris le concept
  2. Décidé d’être drôle
  3. Répondu aux questions devant un film

Qu’est-ce qui vous a poussé à vous impliquer au sein de l’AARTEN ? 

Au début, dans le cadre d’un stage. J’ai ensuite continué afin de mener à terme certains projets.

Quelles sont vos fonctions au sein de l’AARTEN? 

Bonne question.

Quel artiste célèbre auriez-vous voulu être ? Pour quelles raisons ? 

En ce moment, Denis Villeneuve. Sinon j’apprécie beaucoup la perception du monde que Paul Auster véhicule dans ses œuvres.

Quelle activité artistique pratiquez-vous dans votre temps libre ? Pouvez-vous nous en dire plus sur les raisons qui vous ont poussés à commencer celle-ci ? 

Je fais un peu de photo dans mes temps libres, par plaisir.

Comme on ne peut pas compter sur lui pour raconter son implication, on a décidé de vous le montrer.

Voici les deux vidéos qu’il a réalisé pour l’AARTEN.



Membre AARTEN à découvrir – Shanna Strauss

  • Bibi_v2_hires
  • heart melodies
  • Crédit : Ian Woo
  • SHANNA STRAUSS_ Hadithi Njoo_ Mixed media on wood_ 24in x 30 »
  • The world in her hands_hires

Shanna Strauss

Shanna Strauss is a Tanzanian-American artist currently living in Montreal. She completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the California College of Arts in 2003, and has exhibited her work in solo and group shows in Tanzania, the United States and Canada. Noteworthy achievements include her art being featured in the East African Biennale in 2009, a solo exhibition The Floating Homeland that opened the Vue D’Afrique 2015 Rally Expo Festival in Montreal,  and a collaborative project and exhibition Re-membering: A sister Project that took place in Oakland, California in the summer of 2015. More recently, she was commissioned to create work for the Égéries Noires group exhibition at Montreal’s  Place des Arts, in February 2016. She is currently working on an ongoing art project, with another Montreal based artist, Kevin Calixte, called Changemakers.

In conjunction with her art practice, Shanna has engaged in community work and organizing for the past 10 years, working with diverse youth groups in different countries. In 2014, she completed a Master of Social Work degree at McGill University with a focus on International and Community Development. Integrating arts-based programs and interventions in her community work, Shanna believes passionately in the power of art to create individual, community and social change.

Why did you contact AARTEN ? 

It was by accident, actually. I was at La Maison d’Haïti installing work for an exhibition at their new gallery and I met Yves, the director of AARTEN. He told me about the organization and support you provide to artists, and I became a member the same day.

What motivated you to embark on an artistic career?

I studied art and have been making art for a long time. I was working full-time in another field, trying to balance my job with being actively creative. I got to a point where it was becoming increasing difficult to do both, and so I decided to take the risk and commit fully to my art practice. It’s risky because success is never guaranteed in the field of art. You just have to put yourself out there and see how it goes.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Ten years from now I would like to have worked on more collaborations with other artists, participated in several international artist residencies, and shown my work in more countries.

Looking back, do you find that your career / project has progressed well?

Yes, these past two years have been exceptionally good. I feel very fortunate for the opportunities I’ve had to create and exhibit new work. I’m now looking forward to a busy summer with new projects and several exhibitions.

Based on your experience, where do you find your inspiration?

Mostly other artists. Not only visual artists but artists in other creative fields as well. I am especially inspired by poets and writers.

[dropcap][/dropcap]  Upcoming events

Unceded Voices convergence is back for a third edition from [highlight] August 13 to August 21, 2017 ![/highlight] The event will take place in the streets of Tiohtià:ke/Mooniyaang (Montreal) and in some arts/ community centres, with the participation of 11 Indigenous and women of color artists. The convergence includes workshops and discussions panels. The full schedule will be available at the end of June on our website and on our Facebook page.

Crédit : Ian Woo



Shanna Strauss
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